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Burn Speed



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I don't see any way to choose burn speed. Burning @ 1.x7 -2.44x no faster on disk rated @ 16x.

It never gives me any choice of speed.


The program will burn at the speed that is safe to burn. Now, are you encoding and burning at the same time?


Actually what are you doing and what application within the suite of programs are you using?


Disc burning rating means little - It looks nice on the label.

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I do not believe Burn Speed was ever a part of Burn Data Disc???


It was is available if you use Creator Classic, (Burn Data Disc - Advanced) ;)


(note that CC was dropped from the suite starting in the Creator NXT)


Frankly I have never seen an instance where slowing the burn speed was required, provided your burner is working and you are using quality media...


Other than not having a button to push, are you having any difficulty with your burn???

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The poster seems to be having trouble with a slow burn speed, isn't he? He said he gets between 1.7x and 2.44x on a 16x disc.


-What other background programs are you running, Johnpollockphoto? Is something slowing the process by sucking up all your CPU time?

-How much free memory do you have? Having too little will slow things down.

-How much free hard disk space do you have, and is it unfragmented? Too little space or bad fragmentation will slow things.


Can't think of anything more to suggest at the moment, until you give some answers.




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