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Roxio Game Capture Lost Cd Or Lost Cd Key Procedure.



Some metrics on Roxio providing a software download. The same guidelines for Lost CD/Disc is applicable to Lost CD Key.

1. Contacting support is the best first option so you can send the required information directly to Roxio Support Personnel.

2.If you cannot access support due to expired support code, send a PM personnel message to Rox-Ralf Administrator, give him all your info then wait for a reply PM, top right of the page when your signed in looks like a envelope. Rox-Ralf lives in a different time zone a reply might take a while be patient. Roxio employees don't work weekends or holidays.

3. Regardless of who the seller was, Roxio needs at least some proof before they will provide a download link.

4. If the customer cannot send any Proof, Roxio's last resort would be a picture, copy of the box, device, (picture of the owner) and other things that will prove the ownership of the product.

5. In regards with lost CD Keys, they should have registered it upon using the product. If not, they need to have a Proof of Purchase and a copy of the serial number at the back of the RGC device then Roxio can consider providing a new serial key for them.

Customer Service - CD-key/Serial number replacement, http://www.roxio.ca/enu/support/service/cs_findcdkey.html

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