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Compressing Audio File Size



I have been converting music from old LP's into digital files on my computer, then dropping them into my i-tunes library. I've been converting them into .WAV files through Roxio Easy CD and DVD Burning (red box, version 10.xxx) because I wanted the highest quality sound, but these are much too large to place on an i-pod, etc. Is there any way within Roxio to compress these .WAV files into much smaller MP3 files? Or, will I need to find another app somewhere to do this for me? Thanks

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On your main screen see if you have something that says Convert and Transfer or Batch Convert or maybe just Convert.

I don't have the softwarew you have so I can'y say for sure but that's what you're looking for.

What you need to do is convert the file from one format (WAV) to another (MP3 or WMA).


When you do this you will lose a minor amount of quality as you convert.Depending on what format and bitrate you choose decides how much.The more you lower the bitrate the more you lose.

Whether you notice it or not with the bitrate you choose is up to you.


Choose a higher bitrate first like 320k.Then lower it and try again.

You can lower it as much as you care to have it within reason.

Personally I wouldn't go below 128K and would probably go a bit higher.I do mine at 192K.

The lower the bitrate the more compression and the more loss of quality.


I'm not sure about your software but in some you can choose to keep the original as is.

You do end up with 2 copies though.1 as WAV and then another as MP3 or WMA.

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