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Incompatible With Lacie Burner?

Rici Rotten


I purchased a LaCie D2 FW-400 burner for my aged G4 Mini (OS 10.4.11).


The drive came with Toast 7 Titanium, although I already have Toast 9 Titanium installed & working for a couple years now. When trying to burn a DVD, Toast crashes, every time.


I have tried getting support from LaCie for months, they said I had to uninstall 9, install 7, then upgrade. (Bull crap, but I did it.) They finally said it was a Roxio problem & directed me to support to fix this problem.


BTW, I've paid double for the drive, because I returned the first drive to the vendor (at my expense), only to have exactly the same problems with the replacement. Personally, I think LaCie support either don't know what they're talking about, or are too lazy to address their problem.


Why would I think that? (Other than having spent a couple decades as a tech in complex systems of all types....) Because when I try to burn from iTunes to the LaCie drive, iTunes crashes also! (They haven't actually addressed that problem. I pointed that out to them AGAIN tonight, when posting my reply to them.)


The drive will read disks, & burning from the Finder works OK. But on the off chance there IS a compatibility problem with Toast, I'm posting this query.

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I have a LaCie firewire disc burner and have not experienced any such problems. I presume that LaCie had you run their latest firmware update for the drive to make certain it is current. Their advice that you needed to uninstall Toast 9 and start with Toast 7 was bogus, as you surmised.


The problem is trying to figure out what is causing this very uncommon behavior. Do you have an xvid codecs in a Library>QuickTime folder? Those always crash Toast. You might try starting up your Mac in Safe Mode and then see if Toast still crashes. If it doesn't then there is some third-party item in a Library that is the culprit. The place to start is to temporarily remove any third-party codec (components) from the Library>QuickTime folder.


You might also trash the Toast plist and prefs files from your user>Library>Preferences folder and relaunch Toast to see if that makes a difference. Lastly, run Disk Warrior if you have it or check the repair functions in Disk Utility to see if that helps.

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