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Before i buy easy video copy and convert 5 is AVI available as an output.I can't see it in specs but in a review site it saya it is.Wanting it to lower size of movies and feel that the quality is fine.If its not available which outputs would be suitable for my specs of lower size so i can fit more onto my harddrive.Also which format does it burn your files onto dvd(pal etc]What im probably asking here am i able to burn my avi files onto a dvd to watch on my home dvd player.CHEERS

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You post says you want to save some space on your hard drive. What KIND of AVI file are you looking at? There are different types.


Assuming that you want to use a compressed file type, use one of the formats like mp4 or 3GP -- experiment with give you the smallest file size and the best quality. Your computer will be able to play those (with something like VLC free player).


A standard DVD always has mpg2 type format (listed as VOB). You can get less than 2 hours on a DVD at much reduced quality. Double that for DL discs. As an alternative, you could look at DivX format for highly compressed video. Your DVD player must be able to play that format.


External hard drive are very inexpensive now; consider adding one to expand your storage options.

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