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New Topic ~ Split



Ok I have to ask this as I am having some issues getting the one off the HD to a DVD.

Is there a particular way to save it.......... I saved as an Mpeg2 and not Pal.... used one that said NTSC (29.27) I think was the #s. But now can not copy to a DVD. Can you help?

I get error saying there was an error........ that is all I get and I have tried 2 discs same result. I have made several DVDs using the other option with no problem but I want to be able to save to HD then go back and burn them all at different time.


Any help would be appreciated.




Oh I can play them on the computer..... thought you might ask that Q

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Ok, so it only works if you put two movie clips together I take it. :( Not to the beginning or end of a single clip. :angry: As I have used the preferences and it is not adding it once rendered. I will have to look to see if I can pull up that Transitions menu you show here in the export screen..... but I see you clicked on the "Link icon" to get this. Maybe will have to make a fake clip for that ... ;)


If you have the boxes checked in preferences......It would add the fade in and out to black at beginning and end of the clip you saved to computer if it worked that way..... Right?

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Yes that is what I have also.


Sorry I threw you off...... I was asking about the other software you showed in the previous post.


Also, does it come with a capture card or can I use this Roxio capture card with that software.

Not a problem, I did not feel snubbed :lol:


If you are referring to Post #13, that is Roxio's Creator NXT Suite.


It has Capture (and works with the Roxio USB),


...as well as a Full Featured Editor (VideoWave) AND


...a separate Disc Authoring software (MyDVD) that does DVD - AVCHD on DVD's & Blu-Ray.


With all that there is a larger learning curve but well worth it if you find the EVD system, confining ;)

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Yes that is what I have also.


Sorry I threw you off...... I was asking about the other software you showed in the previous post.


Also, does it come with a capture card or can I use this Roxio capture card with that software.


The fades are there, but Quick!


24 frames are under 1 second.


VideoWave is the Editor in the Creator Suite ~ much more advanced.


NO, 3rd party software is frowed on whenever it does what Roxio can do...

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OK, you lost me when you went to Roxio's Video Wave. :lol: I don't have that software. :( I also looked at that manual before I asked. It is the same thing that came with the product. It does not cover the "Option" just says they are available in the Plus version.


I currently preview mine by clicking on the movie clips in the folder for computer. I do not see the fades added to beginning and end of any that I did have it set on. I did however make a short black clip (off the end of a commercial tape) that I can add to the beginning and end if I like that works with the transitions listed. For now I guess that will have to work. Keep posting any goodies you find I am sure there will be other newbies that will appreciate your efforts as much as I have. :D


Can we talk about other software here other than Roxio? Like free downloads? I downloaded something called movie maker...... think it was Windows brand I can't remember for sure.

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The "Fade" is applied to a single clip or all clips in a project... It seems to use about 24 frames of the clip.


I have rendered a short clip in EVD3 to 'Computer' then opened it in Roxio's VideoWave:




(the markers are set to where I think the Fades begin)


What is interesting is that this cannot be done in VideoWave, even though it is considered a full editor :huh:Dissolves, as they call them in VW, are Transitions and Transitions take place BETWEEN two clips!

(VW could be tricked into making them by adding a short black color panel at each end, then applying the dissolves between them and the clip)


They behave more like "Links" do in EVD3...


But Fades do lack the Controls one would like to have... They are applied to ALL clips in a project and there is no setting for duration.


For EVD3, a strategy would be to apply them to one clip at a time and render, then put the rendered clips together into a Project but turn OFF the Fades for that project as they have already been applied ;)


There is a Guide on site HERE and we were hoping they would Open the How To forum but otherwise if we run across something good we usually Pin it to the top of a sub-forum...

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Would there happen to be a manual someone made that might have all these little goodies shown? The manual that came with it...... well it is very basic and does not cover these "Options".




Oh and Thank you So Much for your help. :D

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That was easy... There are 2 ways.


One under File - Preferences:




That one works as expected however you have to LINK the movies when you get to the Export Tab ;)


The other way is to "Link with Transition"







, simply means that the selected movie is 'linked' directly to the next! Otherwise there would be a separate menu button for the next movie. This is where the Fade setting would take effect!


Link with Transition
, means a transition is applied to the link, using the ones that are listed...




apply it and Close:



Notice All Clips are selected and Linked:




you have a camcorder that applies fade it could be used but only when it is part of the movie...


That means you PLAY the movie, WITH the fades and Capture it


You could not just capture the 'fade' and attempt to add it between the clips! Won't work.


Try out what I have outlined with that trusty RW
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Ok :) Anyone know how to get the fade in and fade out of movies to work?? I have them checked but they do not seem to do anything. Is there another way to add this with the software? or maybe another software you know of that will accept the capture that has this feature? Thanks in advance



I did a search and can not find that listed in this forum :(

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Color Balance, denoise, etc. all do work and depending on what you have and what you are asking of them... your smilage may vary :D


Without knowing the EXTENSION, no one will try to guess what they are :huh:


The Default location for Projects is "My Documents\Easy VHS to DVD Projects"


The extension for Projects is ".VHS"


Safe Method??? MOVE the file to another location and after using the program for a few more times without catastrophic failures... delete it ;)



A disc is a disc! It can be written as Data Disc or in a special format such as a DVD Movie, an AVCHD Movie, a VCD Movie and a couple others. Depending on the Player, all of those might be usable.


BUT for 110% compatibility, stick with authoring a DVD Movie is you intend to use a DVD or BD Player.

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Well it looks no different after doing the denoise and color balance :angry: took long time to move over to DVD. I wont be using that anymore :lol: I have a another Q if you don't mind answering.

I have several Title (1) Title (2) Title (3) for example. Are these the Projects? They are listed in captured video. If they are ...... can I delete them? Or will that mess something up?




Data Disc? do you mean like a CD-RW not DVD+R DL ?

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Not a big deal and it is confusing to someone just starting out ;)


It gets even more confusing when you see a video clip that plays on your PC without issue!


Even worse, many Players will play an mpeg2 clip that is on a 'data disc' :huh:

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Yes I was trying to burn a DVD ........ I looked in the advanced settings and what it was on was 720 x 480 (Pal). I knew that was not correct so looked at others to see options and found one that brought up NTSC (27.29 fps) or something like that. Anyway I think I got it figured out now. I actually am still waiting on it to finish exporting to DVD. :)


I am new to this very much a novice. :wub: Please be kind. :lol: I think I was trying to copy something to the DVD that was what I thought I saved to the Hard Drive. :huh: Not DVD format but what I watched on the computer. I started a new project and imported the captured video and edited it a bit then exported it to DVD and not computer this time. All so far seems well. I did not realize it would take so long or I would not have adjusted color and did the denoise. :blink: But should look real good when it is finished :lol:

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A DVD Movie is Authored... You cannot simply slap files onto a DVD and think you made a Movie ;)


Normally you would open the software, choose Record Edit Save and add your saved files to a new Project there...


When ready, move on to Export and pick the DVD Movie option.


NOW, some parts of your post are troublesome :glare:


You mention PAL, Why?


How were you trying to burn to a DVD?

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