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Lost Cd Key.



I purchased my Roxio off of costCaptain.com, and I lost my Serial number for installation, I would like to be able to get customer support, but they made so I have to BUY a support ticket, and I don't feel like wasting any more money on this piece of junk that is getting really annoying.


Reasons why I call it junk:

It doesn't work half the time, even when I set it up, the next time I open my computer, it doesn't work.

Even when I have it set up perfectly, it says I'm using a cord that's not even plugged in. I'm using the 5 corded cable, and it says I'm using an HDMI!?!?!?!

The customer support is horrible, why would you need to pay for support? I just got done spending well over $120 on this thing, and I still have to PAY to get support? What type of logic is this?



Please guru, moderator, whatever you're called, please get me support, this gives me enough stress as it is, I shouldn't have to pay to get help.


I would like to be able to be forwarded to some support, and I'd happily show the email that I received when purchasing the Roxio.

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