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Help With My Rcp



hey guys


just got my Roxio HD pro and connected it to my xbox just like the instructions said i should but it didn't work


it seems im not the only one with this problem but i haven't found anything on this forum that really explains how to fix it, I've followed the instruction completely and on the program itself it displays my dashboard but on my tv it says "invalid format"


i didn't really understand it and im guessing maybe its because my TV is HDCP i don't know i was thinking about getting a hdcp splitter but to be honest im really dumb with this stuff but i have tried everything this forum has had on this topic is there anyone that maybe had the same problem as me and has fixed??? it would be very helpful.




P.S i don't know if i posted this in the right sub forum so i apologize if i haven't please excuse me seems people are very hostile on this site

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Yes several folks have had difficulites...


You didn't really say HOW you are connecting to your TV and if you can use the other way???


You mentioned hdcp but that is High BanDwidth Content Protection, not a connector ;)


HDMI uses it and DVI-D. But Component does not.


Is your TV your only issue? The rest is working OK?

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