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Can't View Pictures On Tivo When Using Mac2Tivo 1.2.1 (104)



I''m running Snow Leopard and Mac2Tivo 1.2.1.

My Tivo is a Series 3 HD XL, with 11.0K-01-2-658


I've added a directory of jps to the program and clicked on Start Server.


I've tak the IP address from Network/Preferences and added it under Music, Photos, & Showcases,

using "Add Server".


When I click on the IP Address on the Tivo, no server is found.


How do I view pictures on my MBP form the Tivo?

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Mac2Tivo is for sending videos to TiVo. In order to send photos (and music) use Tivo Desktop which I believe is a download from TiVo's web site. The photos have to be in the iPhoto library to be seen by Tivo Desktop.

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