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No Signal On Tv Or Computer?!



I bought a Roxio game capture, and it isnt getting a signal from anything. On my TV, it has a blue screen saying No Signal. I have everything plugged in correctly. I installed the program on my computer at least 3 times. If I opent he program, and go to the blue Capture button, it says Input: 480P/576P/780P/1080I. Then it says Status: No Signal in green. Why is this, and how do I fix it? For my Tv, I switched the display to 1080I on my xbox, and turned the Xbox off. I unplugged the HDMI cable, and put in the HD AV component cable i bought, and set it on HD. When I turn the Tv and Xbox back on, it still doesnt have a signal. This is really bothering and it feels like I wastes my money on a piece of crap. Why does my TV work with the HDMI cable, but not the HD AV compenent cables? Why am I not getting a signal from either side? Please help me out!



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First question, did you hook the cables up correct? It sounds like you didnt. You should still get a picture even if the software isnt working. The diagram on the paperwork that comes with the device is wrong, make sure you are hooking it up according tot he colors as they are on the device itself, (basically, the blue should be in middle on both sides, and then the red and green should be diagonal from each other). That should solve your no picture problem. If not, then make sure the switch on your component cables from your Xbox is set to HDTV. One last thing you can try is once you have it setup correctly, make sure there is no disc in your system, turn it off, then turn it on with the controller. Hold the Y button and the Right trigger. Keep holding for a couple of minutes and the system should reset the video to the default settings and get you a picture.


Now, once you are there, if you still have the green no signal in the game capture software, I cant help you. Thats where I have been stuck at for 2 days and nothing I have tried has worked. I can use third party software to record, but would like to use the first party one and call it a day. So if you figure that part out, let me know.

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