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H2O crazykilla


I recently bought a Roxio Game Capture HD pro and on my xbox i use 1360x768 resolution. Cannot i not use this resolution? I thought it would be fine because its between 1080p and 720p but whenever i connect the roxio to the xbox,tv, and PC it only shows a small portion of my screen on the tv. I tried using 720p and it was fine. but playing Battlefield 3 on 720p on my xbox looks like absolute crap. And my tv isn't 1080p....

Thanks for anyones help if they could help me out! Thanks!~

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I think you are chasing an 'Number' that cannot even be achieved :huh:


If there is any capture card that can capture in that resolution, someone please link me to one :D


Then you have to understand that EVERYTHING must be able to support that resolution, starting with the game disc all the way to the final viewing device...


And just so I know, how is something that is less than 1920 X 1080 any improvement? (I'm not keeping up with trends ;) )

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