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Creator 2012 Always "stops Responding"

James Stevens


The 1st time I installed Creator 2012 special edition, about 18 months ago, it crashed my system the 1st time I tried to use it. At the time I was pretty busy so I went back to Creator 10. Now that I have some free time I tried to install it again but it still crashes my system. It may not even be Roxio, it may be my hardware because the system always crashes when I activate the drive to actually perform "Burn a data CD". from the menu. Everything works fine until I try to actually burn the disk and even that appears to work but the progress meter stays on 0%. If I bring up task manager it says the program is "not responding". If I try to force it to close, it crashes the system. Of course it crashes the system anyway so why bother with task manager. I'm using Windows XP SP3 on a decent but somewhat dated machine. (Intel dual core 3.4 GHz) The last time I uninstalled it I used regedit and cleaned every registry reference to "Roxio" before I attempted to re-install. All went well with the new install but it still crashes. This time I set a restore point so I could go back to the pre-installed system state and it worked fine. (I also have a new copy of Nero 12, another $90.00 program suite but it also has lousy reviews.)

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I can provide more specs if needed, just let me know.

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