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Can't Display In 1080?



Hiya, I recently bought the roxio game capture device, the standard edition of it. So far i've found it to be a great little product. However i've found that I can't quite access one of the marketed features, specifically the 'Play in HD on your TV. Capture in 480p' part of it.


I have the card and PS3 console set up as shown in various diagrams online and in the setup material using the component cable to input to the card, and have even managed to take several pieces of footage that i'm pleased with. However I have had to lower the quality of the console itself to the 576p setting in order to get clear footage, obviously this affects the gaming experience for me as the picture on screen is more blurred and overall not as nice to look at.


However, setting the definition any higher on the console causes major issues with the recording and preview; parts of the screen will be repeated, displayed in the wrong place and so on. Is there any advice to give on fixing this issue?

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In order to record currently, I have it set to 576p quality. When I put it into a higher quality the recording glitches up (screen off centre, areas repeated, recording seems to be faster than the actual gameplay).


Most of what i'm experiencing should be summed up in this video:


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Update: Alright, I think I might have sorted the issue out by playing around with the setting on the recorder. By setting the input standard to NTSC-M (which is odd, considering my tv and console are both PAL systems) It seems to have sorted it out; high quality display, good quality recording.


My problem seems to be fixed, i'll post again if I hit any new snags though.

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