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Burn 109 Minutes Incomplete. No Fix Yet?



OSX 10.7.5 with Toast 10.0.9


Cannot find a newer update, other than spending a whole lot more money to upgrade to v11. Did Roxio ever issue a fix for this? I burn a DVD of my son's football game... two files, one for each half. The second file is 135 minutes, but when the burn is complete it is only 109 minutes, lopping off the final five minutes of the game! Am I to believe that I spent all this money for this app and the upgrade for burning BD-R's, and it doesn't and never will work? Now I have to upgrade to v11 and hope that they've fixed it? This is nothing less than theft. Sickening. I will never buy another Roxio POS software again if that's the case. This company should refund my money for selling me something that doesn't work as advertised, but of course I waited six months before trying it out, so their &%$ is covered.

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It might have been enough just to say you're really angry about this, but maybe it helped you to blurt all that out.


I'd prefer to focus on the problem which you only mentioned briefly. My understanding is you are making a Blu-ray video disc and it is about 2-1/2 hours in total length. Obviously you're burning this to Blu=ray media. Toast is arbitrarily cutting the second title short. Did you do any editing of the video before adding it to Toast? Did you use the Toast Video Player to mark segments to omit? What is the format of the source video?


I had problems with Toast dropping much of a video if my source was MPEG 2 and I used the Toast Video Player to mark edits. I came across a workaround. Use MPEG Streamclip to edit the video and add that saved version Toast instead of using the Toast Video Player.


Toast 11 has a different editor. It no longer uses Toast Video Player. The only way to know if that works better is to try it. Unfortunately, you'd also need to buy the Toast 11 Blu-ray plugin because the Toast 10 plugin doesn't work with Toast 11. Once you install the Toast 11 plugin the Toast 10 plugin disappears and you can't author Blu-ray discs with Toast 10. So probably the best step is to use MPEG Streamclip for edits.


You didn't mention that you did any editing so that is a total guess on my part but it made sense given the problem you experienced. Maybe the problem is something else. Let me know if you want to explore that further. Just so you know, I don't what you think of Roxio. They aren't on my A list either.

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