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Videowave Not Responding

Will Reifert


I've used Roxio Creator for years and love it. The way I've normally burned my slideshows to DVD was a direct burn (not a image first) with nary a problem. I hadn't burned anything for about 6 months, but now had to for a young lady's graduation. I built the video, then set it to burn direct to DVD like normal. This time I got the Videowave has stopped responding error. Tried several more times with the same error, then decided to try burning an image instead. Same error.


Okay, figured it might be a problem with my older Win7 pc. I installed Roxio on my newest high end pc... same exact thing. Okay, on to step 3!


Installed Roxio on my very newest laptop (Dell Inspiron N7110). This time I built the slideshow up again (by the way, it's less than 2 gig of space before anyone assumes that it's too big - lol) but this time I decided to burn it to an image instead. *voila* it worked. I was excited, thinking it was just my pc's. For the heck of it, I tried a direct DVD burn again just for fun. It went right to the 'VideoWave stopped responding' error. Now I'm back to not even being able to burn to an image again without getting that error.


I hope that long story made sense. I haven't tried the repair of Roxio yet, or even reinstalling it yet (that will be tomorrow).


Anyone have any ideas of what might be going on with this?




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Just a suggestion Will, but instead of clicking on the burn to DVD in the Videowave program (after you have completed it)

Safe the production along with all of the music and video files you have in it to a folder of your making. Then open up

MYDVD program and go from there by opening up the safed "DMSM" videowave file you saved.


Why the function in the videowave program doesn't get you to MyDVD I have no idea of that problem. One might start

by re-installing the Creator program and doing a "Repair".



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Or the program can work the way it's supposed to, that's my choice.


The program does work the way it is supposed to, ie it does burn to disc. Many of us just prefer to work via the image file or folder set way since it is more reliable and just as quick.

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