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Can I Use My Software On Work With A Singleuser-Licence?


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I have a Compaq 6530b with XP Proffesional.

I got this laptop through my work about 4 years ago. The CD-creator program that followed is called "Creator Business DVD" and is from Roxio/Sonic. I have used this program in my work, but when I now read the Licence Agreement it says that there are three types of licences, and I am wondering which licence that came with my computer and how can I find it out?

I think it is a singleuser-licence, and in that case is it ok to use it on my work? It says in the licence agreement that that I can "use one copy of the software only for personal, non-commercial use on one computer..." I don't use it for copying CDs and selling them, but for other things facilitating my work.

I would be very greatful if someone could help me to find it out. It seems hard to get in contact directly with Corel since I can't find this product on their "supported software" list.


Creator Business v10 DVD

Versjon: 10.1.048

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So you mean I should contact HP and that Roxio has nothing to do with it? I shared this issue on a HP discussion group as well, and someone there recommended me to contact Roxio support.


Do you know what I should do?


Contact HP, it is their software.

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Thanks again for replying.

So even if is's the Licence Agreement from Sonic Solutions (Roxio) that comes with the program, it is still HP to contact about Licence issues?


We are just users here, we can't really give advice on license issues. If you are the only person using it then I don't see any problem, in my opiion.

That version of the program (even the OEM version you have) is no longer supported as it is about 6 or 7 years old

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