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Tivo Transfer Stopped Working



Starting May 5, TiVo Transfer will no longer work. Have latest version of Toast Titanium Pro (11.1 (1072)); atest version of TiVo Transfer (version 2.1.0); latest Mac OSX (10.8.2); using new new 27" iMac (Late 2012).


When I select a program from my DVR and Start Transfer, the software acknowledges the transfer has started (twirling circle in the Active Transfers line), but the transfer never finishes and that program never shows up in the Tivo Recordings screen.


I have reinstalled Toast a couple times, but to no avail.


Any ideas what might be wrong?




Jim Taylor

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Try restarting the TiVo and your router. I just completed a transfer yesterday. I experienced a problem so I restarted the Mac and that fixed the issue. But yours may be an issue with the TiVo's end of things.

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