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Mp3 Music No Longer Plays In My Photoshows


Hello Everyone,


I have been a long time customer with many photoshows. My subscription will be ending soon and I will need some kind of answer or justification if I am going to continue to use Roxio.


It had been a while since I viewed any shows, but now the photoshows I created will not play the MP3 music I uploaded in shows I made before.


I did make a search of this topic and wanted to know exactly what I should do to solve the problem.


It was mentioned that it was not a Roxio problem but an Adobe one as their upgrades to their Flash Player has caused the links to the music to break.


It was suggested to roll back my version of Flash Player to be able to hear the music again.


I am using Vista 7 32 bits and wonder if I can roll back to version 10.1 and fix the problem? Or is there another program I can use instead of Flash Player?


I would think the Roxio staff would be aware of this problem and possibly comment on it. Maybe they have and I have not seen it yet.


So please guide me through the fix problem if there is any ....




Please tell me how to contact Roxio support. I was hoping to talk to a representative live in chat, but I never see them online. Maybe I am doing that wrong. I tried to write an E-mail and once again was taken here and there ... So if you know the contact address or number I can call about this problem as long it is an 800 number. I am living in Japan.


Looking forward to a positive reply, I still have faith!!


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The problem is caused by an Adobe update as you know. There is no way Roxio/Corel can fix the problem. It has to be Adobe. Contact them and rant.


For now, open the desktop version of PhotoShow and select a photoshow; go to share and convert the photoshow to mpg2 or wmv file. You can then play them with almost any player. You could upload them to YouTube private or not and share them with friends.


As for the future - my recommendation only-- use the desktop version to make your photoshows and then convert them to video files. Upload them to YouTube to share. I seriously doubt that Corel who now owns Roxio will spend a lot of money to update a very old program. That is a guess on my part.


Note: If you really want to share many photoshows, consider creating your own web site. They are very inexpensive. You can share your family/friends information and those photoshows.

Alternately, consider moving up to a better slide show program for Roxio that would be Video Wave as part of the Creator Suite or as a cut down version. Watch a couple of these videos to see if it is something you are interested in. If you select to go that way, make sure that the program is compatible with your operating system.

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