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Adding Transitions Offsets Sound



If I try to add a transition in, the sound get's offset (it's in a seperate audio track) for the duration of the transition. And I can't just move the sound track over by that amount of time, as then it would be intersecting the sound segment before it.


I'm rather new to video editing, so if this is something simple to fix, please let me know.

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Try putting your audio onto a Internal Track of the clip rather than an external one...


This way it is part of the clip and won't be disturbed by Splits & Transitions ;)




You mean have the audio be in the video clip?


I have the audio files seperate from the video ones as of now, and I'm editing a bunch of stuff together. If I had to go and resave every segement just to do that, the whole project would take twice as much time. is there no way to fix this without doing that?

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You have to mute the audio of the video.

Maybe but that would depend on what you are trying to accomplish ;)


If you want your added Audio File to completely replace the clip Audio, sure you need to mute it!


If you want your added Audio File to act as an Overlay, then no...

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