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Problems Solved With Gamecap Hd Pro

saz one


So I've just been notified that I'm on a warning here, so most likely this post is not going to been shown on the forum. I don't care.


What are you going to do ? kick me ? hehe care as much as you care for your customers.

I'm going to give roxio a nice review someday, not right now, I have got time so keep an eye on youtube.


But no worries I finally solved all the probs with my Roxio gamecap.


I went to the hardware store and bought new component cables. That wasn't enough, had to update my roxio software, I did but halfway it stopped every single time.

No worries after trying to reboot my pc it kept crashing, it's a brand out-of-the-box new one, didn't know what happened, disconnected the roxio out of the USB and dear Lord : my pc when back to full normal (for as far as Microsoft is concerned) until I plugged my roxio back in, total crash every single time. Now they say that it's windows 8 READY, why not windows 8 compatible ? Room for speculation ?


So still had some trouble, started to searched on the almighty internet... Everybody has got the same issues as me, like really almost everybody.


I don't get it, that's a fraud.


But I'm a wizz with computers and such. I went into the BIOS of my pc, sorted everything out and stepped one foot on my Roxio, hard. Threw it out the window bought me an Elgato and bam, within five minutes capturing my footage. All cables included, no software issues, no nothing. Like I would expect.


So for good measures here's a link : {link removed ~ terms of service violation}


So if you guys ever wonder how to do it : that's the way. Oh and something else : I've been told (didn't need it) that their support is FREE not like Roxio, over there you will have to pay to fix you problem with their product.




So go ahead and ban me then, see if I care. And for the admins : why would you link your name to a factory that has such a policy, I know everybody needs their clients but you connecting your name to a brand that's frauding it's audience. I know my way around in marketing and I would never hook my business name to a company that's not keen to the bone. So the people maintaining this site remember : you name is connecting to a firm that sucks people dry for money. That right there sir is dirty cash. With a drug dealer you know you going to get dirty cash but with a well established firm like roxio I would expect some respect towards their clients. And therefore I will do anything within my power to let the people know. I don't like to get !@#%ed over. Remember that the big companies are no longer untouchable, the world is digital and words spread faster then a burning fire.


This text will never be for the audience to see, I know, but I don't mind. I will copy paste it and it will pop up again some day.


Now, go get you money from roxio collect all that cash and keep !@#%ing people over for the dollars.

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