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Tablet Instead Of Game Console?



Has anyone had any experience with using devices other than the Xbox, PS3, or PCs as the source of the video?


Specifically, I have at my disposal a Nexus 10, Asus Transformer Pad, and a Kindle Fire HD, all of which have HDMI-out ports.


So what I want to know is if this product will work with the setup: Android Tablet-->Roxio HD Pro-->PC.





I am producing tutorial and promotional videos for my company's Android app (a media-playing app - not a game). My boss wants high quality footage but has laid down a firm "no" when it comes to rooting the company's devices. No rooting means that using apps like Screencast are not an option for me.


Multiple Google and Youtube searches mixing every combination of terms like "roxio gamecast hd pro" + "nexus 10" or "kindle fire" or "Android tablet" or "smartphone" have yielded zero useful results but I hardly believe that I am a pioneer in trying to use this type of HDMI recording tech with tablets and smartphones.


So has anyone here tried this? Do you know anyone who has tried it? Or better yet, would you be willing to try it yourself and let me know how it goes?


Thanks in advance!!

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It does depend on the signal output...


I don't have any of those devices but connected to a DVD or BD Player I get this from their HDMI output, REGARDLESS of what is actually playing:




This will be true for any capture device, card or external...


You could try it and if you get the Signal Protected, switch to Component Input for the RGC Device...


A stand alone converter box or even a DVD or BD Player that will accept HDMI input and give you Component output would do the trick ;)

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