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Grab Music From Lp - Help




I'm thinking of upgrading to Roxio Toast 11 as I want to transfer music from LP's to CD/MP3. I would imagine that I will need some leads to connect the record player, but which ones and where from (UK user)? Any phono-to-USB leads that I can find online already have a converter built in to transfer the signal to digital and cost about the same as Toast.


Or have I missed the detail that Roxio provide the required leads within the box such as with their 'easy LP to MP3' for Windows?


Hope someone can help.

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You don't need Toast to do this. In fact, Toast doesn't have an mp3 encoder. Toast comes with an application called Spin Doctor that is supposed to be for digitizing analog audio but it doesn't work.


There are two things you need to digitize analog audio. One is an audio-capture application and the other is a connecting cable. QuickTime Pro can capture the audio but the freeware Final Vinyl is a better choice because it can split the audio into individual song files. A RCA-stereo to-mini plug cable will connect the outputs of a player to the mini audio input of the Mac. The hassle will be cleaning up the pops and hiss. Spin Doctor was supposed to do this so it is a real shame it is unusable. A freeware application that encodes mp3 and also digitizes analog audio is Audion from Panic.com. I haven't checked if it works in OS 10.7 or 10.8.


When you want to burn audio CDs you can use Toast, iTunes or, I believe, Audion even if the source files are mp3.


Addendum: I believe the version of Spin Doctor that comes with Toast 10 does still mostly work. It can capture the audio, separate the tracks and apply noise filters to the music. Roxio still sells Toast 10 so you can give it a try. They have a 30-day refund policy for software purchased from their online store.

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