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Roxio Nxt



Bonjour j'ai acheté Roxio creator NXT chez best-buy, depuis mon achat j'ai attrapé un virus j'ai du reformater non ordinateur. Suite à cela j'ai reconfigurer mon pc à sa valeur d'usine, J'ai essayé d'installer Roxio NXT et j'avais toujours le même message licence utiliser trop de fois. Depuis, je me suis acheter un nouveau pc j'aimerais bien pouvoir installer Roxio NXT mais, j'ai toujours le même message LICENSE UTILISER TROP DE FOIS. En passant je n'ai jamais donné le code à quelqu'un d'autres. SVP aidez moi.

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Hello Stephane,


This is an English bulletin board, so I have obtained a [rough] translation of your message.


Hello I bought Roxio creator NXT at best-buy, since my purchase I got a virus I have of reformat not computer. Following this I reconfigure my pc to its factory setting, I tried to install Roxio NXT and I still had the same message license use too many times. Since then, I buy a new pc I'd love to be able to install Roxio NXT but, I still got the same message LICENSE using too much of time. By the way I have never given the code to someone others. PLS help me.


The new owners of Roxio have adopted a system where you can only install your software a small number of times. While this might work well if the customer has no problems, it causes much extra difficulty when the customer has a disaster.


I understand that if you can contact support staff they can re-set the counter on your licence. However I don't know how to contact the people who can do this for you. I hope that somebody who does know this will step in here and tell you how to contact Support and fix your problem.




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