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Is there any reason why Toast 11 is slower (considerably slower) than Toast 10? I upgraded thinking that I was adding features, but not slowing things down to the point where even a fast drive is painfully slow.

This happened when Roxio rewrote Toast 11.1 using the "cocoa" framework rather than the "carbon" framework of previous versions. Earlier versions of Toast 11 are "carbon" so they didn't have the problem. That doesn't justify the problem. It shouldn't exist but it does. Maybe it will get fixed and maybe not. The workaround is to keep an earlier version of Toast around, choose Save as Disc image when using 11.1 and burn the disc image using Copy window in an earlier version.

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I'd like to use Toast 10 but with OSX 10 I doubt its a possibility. We maxed our Macbook Pro's out with ram and saw an increase in conversion time but burn speed still slow.

OSX 10? Toast 10.0.9 works fine with OSX 10.8.4. There are things Toast 11 does better than 10 but actual disc burning isn't one (at least not after Toast 11.0.4). Create the disc image with 11.1 and burn using the image file setting in Toast 10's copy window.

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