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Bad Cd And Bad Dvd -- And Difficulty To Get Support



I burned an audio CD (not once, but twice) and each time the disk showed up with the title in Japanese! (I have no Japanese settings on my English Mac.) Each CD, when played, did not start until 1 min and 23 seconds after I hit the play button, which is completely unacceptable.


I converted a public domain MP4 1024p video file from PAL to NTSC, which took almost 18 hours (the show was 1 hr 30 min long). And this was on a 28GHz dual core Intel i7 iMac. Then I burned a DVD-DL. After the disc was delared "done" (and no errors were reported even after verification) I tried to play it. After all this time, the DVD refused to even mount and was instead ejected by the computer that wrote it.


Clearly, this indicates some serious programming issues that I was unprepared for, as I used Toast in the mid-1990s and never had any problems with it.


I really dislike have "support" be in the form of "user forums", which are meaningless because users have no access to the faulty computer code that creates such errors. So it is very much a case of the blind leading the blind. I would rather talk directly with a person who is truely an expert in using the program and who knows which problems are user errors versus programming errors that require updates.

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Sorry you are having these problems with Toast and sorry that you dislike being in the forum. I don't think of either of us as being blind although it is hard to see the exact problem when I only have your introductory description to troubleshoot the problems. Let me know if you really want to try working through this and are inclined to be appreciative of any effort I make to assist.

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