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Disks Burned With Toast 4.1 Can Not Be Read With 10.8



Hi I have a problem with a whole batch of old archived CD's showing as blank in Mountain Lion

They were originally burned with toast 4.1 hfs/Joliet builder (apple_hfs:3...)


I have come to the conclusion that they were burned using a legacy method, what im not 100% sure but it has something to do with session burning.

In disk utitlity the CD shows as having the first hidden partition called session and then the main mountable session called untitled CD.


Untitled CD shows that it is using the full capacity but there are not images showing.

I can not mount or force mount the session partition which also says it is using the full capacity of the CD.


Interestingly when i put the CD into Snow Leopard it works fine.

I have tested this on about 15 different machines some Windows and the disks always show fine on windows and anything under 10.8 its just 10.8 that has the issue?


Even more interestingly on the same machine where i have dual boot 10.6.8 and 10.8.3 it works on the same hardware on 10.6.8 but not on 10.8.3?

so this suggests it has something todo with software encoding and reading, and something that apple has stopped supporting?



i found a bit of complicated work around to get it to mount the session on the 10.8 machines and it works but its not ideal + there must be others out there who are suffering with the same issue.


1. in terminal: mkdir /Volumes/tempCD

2. identify the identity of the hidden session partition: diskutil list

3. force mount the hidden partition called session using the correct partition identifier from previous step which in my case was "disk1s1": sudo /System/Library/Filesystems/cd9660.fs/Contents/Resources/cd9660.util -M disk1s1 /Volumes/tempCD

4. magically this mounts a new CD called "tempCD" and i can see all my files. So this must have somethign to do with 10.8 dropping iso9660 or joliet computability? but the tools are still there to use if you know how.

5. you will need to unmount the "tempCD" using terminal, you can not just eject or drag to bin it will not work: sudo /System/Library/Filesystems/cd9660.fs/Contents/Resources/cd9660.util -u disk1s1 /Volumes/tempCD

Note in future you do not need to repeat step one as you already have created the dir name "tempCD" so just skip this step. The identifier disk1s1 may vary depending on how many internal disks you have or weather you have usb sticks plugged in or not.


Any thoughts on a easier solution form ROXIO would be greatly appreciated.

I have tried copying the disk in toast 11 and converting to DMG but tit still shows as blank unless i force mount it with "cd9660.util"

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