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How To Open Saved Slideshow



Sorry if this should be obvious, but I used Slideshow Assistant and created a slideshow then used the Save Project option.

I see a .dmss and .dmsm file but cannot find anywhere that I can :"Open:" a saved project to edit.

The NXT home screen has an Open Project option which is associated with a different file extension



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If I right click (in Explorer) I get a context menu, including Open and Open With. There is no file association for this extension and I'm not sure what app to select if I choose Open With,.


Sorry, left click on the dmsd file should open myDVD.; the left click on the dmss file should open the slide show assistant..

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Are you going to try to associate the dmss file with Slide Show Assistant? Try associating the dmsd file with MyDVD.


Since Slide Show Assistant is integrated into MyDVD , there is no easily available exe file.

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I get the dialog box where i can pick the application (exe) as there is no file association to either the dmss or dmsm files


Seems way more involved than it ought to be, no?

It should not be this hard, but it is :wacko:


Mine are associated the the RoxWizardLauncerxx.exe:




A search reveals 2, one for my Creator 2010 & one for Creator NXT (the 14):




Notice that both are located in "Program Files(x86)xxxxxxxxx". If you start your search there to confirm that '14' is there then you will know what to associate the dmss extension with ;)

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