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Sound Editor Equalizer Settings Causes Dmse Open Error

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I recently upgraded to Roxio Creator NXT to see if a bug I encountered with a prior version of Sound Editor (acquired as a bundle with a new Dell PC) had been solved. I still encounter the same problem. I am using the new software on a Dell XPS L502X with Windows 7 Professional SP1, 8Gb of RAM, Intel Core i7-2670QM CPU. Here is what I do and experience: (BUG ONE) I create a dmse project with multiple songs, including volume changes and custom equalizer settings. I export the songs (Use Clips from Project) and save the project ( these two actions in any order). I close the project. I reopen the project using the Sound Editor Open Project menu item (I may have worked with other projects in between). Not all the songs I previously saved in the project appear in the project! So starting with the last song that now appears in the project, I have lost all of the work made in the songs that followed it. It is very frustrating, especially if you lose tens of songs in the project ( I often group more than 50 songs in the same project). I suspect the problem has to do with the saved equalizer settings of the last song that appears because if I open the dmse with Notepad, look for the last song that appears in my re-opened project, eliminate its <Parameter> line and save the file, I can reopen the project and it brings all songs back. However, if multiple songs in the project have the same EQ problem, I have to repeat the process for each last song that appears in the re-opened project. I lose the EQ settings for the songs for which I remove the <Parameter>, but at least I can salvage most of the project. This behavior is not consistent; sometimes I can use the software to work with multiple projects and do not encounter the problem. In other instances, the problem will occur multiple times on the same day, even if I reboot. Roxio needs to fix this problem! Things must work as advertised! And please do not think that the problem is that I use Notepad to edit the dmse files! I discovered and resorted to this mechanism to salvage my projects! (BUG TWO) I also encounter corrupted EQ settings when I open a project that show up on the EQ display as split buttons having the left side on one position and the right side on another. So it seems there is a problem with saving a project with EQ settings that upon re-opening the project result in an abort of loading songs, or in songs that corrupted EQ settings. Another problem I find is that if I create a custom eq setting (something I do often) and save it for reusing it in other tracks in the project, It will not show up on tracks above the one where I saved it. So unless you save it for the first song in the project, you will not be able to reuse it in the project for songs before the one where you saved it. (BUG THREE) I also have an issue with ripping CD's with gapless tracks and making volume/EQ changes. When exporting those songs, they will not consistently transition from one song to the other without some type of noise, regardless I trim or do not trim the gapless tracks. Also frustrating. Help wanted!

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