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Best Computer For Roxio Capture Hd Pro

Clueless Mum



I am a clueless mum who has bought Roxio Game Capture HD Pro for my kids birthday. I knew I would possibly have to upgrade my computer to run it and I do which is fine as the one I have is old. HOWEVER when I look at computer specs many of them are called different things than the minimum system requirements on the box. I am looking for a laptop or computer that has at least Intel Core 2 Duo Processor (according to the box) but when I search for processors on PC World for example they don't have anything called that but call them i3, i5, etc or dual core. When I look for a DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card I cannot find an up to date list at all. In a nutshell can anyone recommend a laptop or computer and not too expensive that will allow my kids to use the Roxio. I don't want an all singing and dancing laptop just one that will work. Thank you in advance and my apoogies if I havn't used this chat properly either as I am new to that too!!

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I don't know like to make recommendations when someone else's wallet is involved :lol:


I am not a fan of laptops, generally they never quite live up to their claims and in no case are they ever equal to a Desktop...


I would print out the specs, you can do a screen cap from the web listing and take that with you to a few computer stores. Show it too the clerk and get their suggestions.


In the end you will find someone you feel you can trust and go with that ;)


If you don't have anything that satisfies you locally, might make a day of it and go to Glassglow ^_^

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