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Length Of Dvd Does Not Allow File To Transfer To Burner Because Pc Shuts Down Before Finishing Transcoding Info.





Not sure what I am doing wrong but when I make a file (2 hrs, 3 min long) the burning software does not allow it to burn to 4.7Gb DVD. Do I need a double sided DVD to make this work or do I need to shorten file to less than one hour and 50 min? I am using old PC w/XP operating system.

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The "limit" is just under 2 hours which is a poor idea to begin with ;)


If you copied a VHS Tape you only started with VHS Quality to begin with. Now you are essentially cutting that Quality in half to try to make it fit a 4.7 GB DVD... Nothing good will come from that :huh:


Use a DL or create 2, 1 hour projects...


Here is a guide to what a DVD can really hold:


DVD Time – DVD Capacity


HQ = 1:06

SP = 1:37

LP = 2:22

ELP = 3:04


8.5 Gb:

HQ = 2:00

SP = 2:57

LP = 4:19

ELP = 5:35


Just so you know, that was fixed in EVD 3 upgrade AND EVD 3 allows you Split your Project into multiple discs -_-

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Is your PC shutting down? Open "Task Manager" (CTRL-ALT-DEL) and watch the CPU use. If it is at or around 100% for a long period of time, your computer may be overheating. If laptop, use a cooler; for a desktop, use a fan AND shut down all other running programs including e-mail, internet and antivirus.

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Another difference is in the software that is rendering... Roxio uses Fixed Rate rendering whereas Studios uses a varable rate... It is time consuming and most users won't sit for a render that might go over 2 days :huh:


What the software does is cut way back on the mbps during action scenes and go to max during detail scenes... If you click on Display with your remote, you will see the mbps down to 2.4 mbps and up to 8+ mbps.


Thus you can pack a lot more on a disc -_-

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"Studios" as used by Jim, refers to the multi-billion dollar movie making studios, who have deep pockets to purchase software that probably cost many thousands of dollars, and runs on server farms that cost more than my house to render their videos. He's not referring to a particular software package called "Studios".

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Looking at requirement for that, here's what they recommend for storage:


Local Raid array for uncompressed capture storage with the following minimum requirements:

8 or more u320 drives,

10,000 rpm and software striped as Raid 0 or Raid 5

Controlled via Ultra 320 SCSI Card (PCI or onboard) or Fiber-channel interface with a 4Gb bandwidth

Note that this information is based on Sonic’s own configuration testing and experience. This should be seen as complimentary to

further advice from your chosen Raid and Capture system manufacturer, in addition to your local Sonic representative

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