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Ok Quick Question -



i capture ps3 gameplay and stream to twitch .


the game played is black ops 2 which is a 1080i game .


my monitor - the one i play on only supports upto 720p


so is that the reason i cannot stream in 1080i ? ?


is what i stream relaint on my monitor ? ?


if so i will just buy a newer better spec monitor .

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no thats not why in my opion and experience.


roxio only lets us get up to 720p on live streams. but if you capture ( record ) gameplay you can then go back and edit it and make it 1080p. from what ive experienced with this product.

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There is no point in taking something at 720 and exporting it at 1080...


It remains 720 no matter what you do!


The file size will get bigger and it will say it is now 1080 but it is nothing but a 720 picture in a 1080 container.


In video the reality is, you cannot 'Render Up' ;)

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