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Creating Recovery Disk Using Xp Sp3



I just received Creator Nxt and when I try to back up my entire commputer, creator tells me this version cannot back do it and there is no creat recovery disk box wher there is suppossed to be. I have the latest version and it is advertised as backing up entire computers and workinf with Xp Sp3. What's going on? False advertising?


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You seem to be quite correct, billsil37.


My Creator 2012 Pro has BackOnTrack 13.5, whereas NxT Pro has 14.0




Creator 2012 Pro and NxT Pro look similar when opening BoT, except that Creator 2012 has System Rollback which was taken out of NxT

However when you go to Advanced Backup and select to backup a disk or partition you get a totally different response in NxT, showing that NxT has been nobbled. I have searched, but can't find any way to do a disaster recovery backup [full system disk] with NXT.


Creator 2012 invites you to create a bootable recovery disc so you can backup and restore an entire computer which has failed to boot, whereas NxT bluntly tells you this version can't do that.






I cannot find anything in the advertizing which warns you that features such as this have been removed from Creator NXT. The feature comparison charts all suggest NXT's backup programs are equal to those of previous versions such as Creator 2012, but that's clearly not true.


If you just bought it to protect your system with disaster backups, you should return it for a refund.




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