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Making Audio Cd's Questions



I am thinking about buying the new Roxio Creator NXT, but I have some questions first (if someone can help me please).


(1) I have a very old version of Easy CD Creator; I have a new computer and it is time for new software. Does NXT have option to create audio and/or data cd's similar to the Classic Creator option? In other words, if I have 10 audio cd's, can I add several songs from each cd and then arrange them in the order that I want? After they are in the order I want, I can burn a cd with all of those songs. They usually have about 2 seconds of space between each song. Also, the similar thing with data files if I want to archive them to a cd.


(2) Can I add the song titles to each track and name the cd before I burn it? Will these titles appear on my car radio display and other computers (similar to cd's I buy at the store)?


(3) If yes for #2, could you please briefly explain how what I will need to do to accomplish this? I couldn't find a detailed user manual online.


Thanks for your help and time.

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The answer to the first 2 is yes.


The answer to the third is you can if you enable CD-Text on the disc when you burn.

The only caveat is that the device you're using to play the disc has to be able to read the CD-Text,not all devices or software do.

Windows Media Player is one glaring example of software that doesn't.

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And to follow up on that, If you are seeing track names displayed in Windows Media Player, it's because WMP is going out and identifying your CD and getting that information from the internet. The identification is based on number of tracks and track lengths. Your custom CD of course will not match anything "out there" and likely not come up with anything. Or if it does come "close enough" to something, you may get the wrong track names.

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