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Hdr Express Serial Key



I'm currently having problems with my serial key for my HDR software which I purchased via Roxio.



I purchased Roxio Creator 2012 Pro and it ran great.


I upgraded to Roxio Creator NXT Pro in November 2012 and the main programs run great but I thought the Coral content was rubbish as all that worked was to change your pictures into paintings/drawing etc but never knew any better. It would also not update.


However recently I used Roxio and I noticed it was updating. I went to open Coral and it had disappeared? I re-downloaded it and it was complete this time and also updated. I was delighted. However the part of the download for HDR offered an update before I had the serial key in which I accepted and then it offered me a trial or key? The key with my product did not work. I read information on Roxio to delete the trial software and install form the download disc.


Now that most of it is working I don't want to rock the boat be re-installing it all.


What part of the download is HDR on?


Download one, two or is it part of the Coral software? (you can click what you want to download)


I've tried HDR customer Services & Roxio and had no response.


I hope you get my drift. Sorry but I'm just a housewife _ HELP

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The Corel imaging program had a version of HDR as one of the add-ins. Creator 2012 had what I believe was HRD Express. Your HTD may be left over from the Creator 2012 installation. My "other" computer is not available and that is where Creator NXT is installed so I can't double check now. Go here (link) and see if you can download the latest free version and if it will accept your key.


Almost a year ago, I had an issue with HRD Express saying that my key had been used too many times. I had to contact 'Unified Color Technologies" to reset the code. I did so via e-mail and got a quick reply with new instructions on how to download with the new key. Did you use the key that was on the second envelop that came with Creator 2012?


Uninfied Color were very responsive. Have you sent an e-mail? Did you look in your spam folder to see if their response was there?

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