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Why Can't I Capture In 1080P?



So tonight I was filming my channel intro for YouTube. The vid was with a few friends on Xbox and we were messing around on Zombies (Black Ops 2). Naturally, since my PC has pretty good specs, I had assumed I could capture in 1080P 15000kbps bit rate, and I was wrong. The video is glitchy and I'm not sure if it's Roxio or my PC or what.



Intel i7 3770 3.4ghz w/ 3.9ghz turbo boost


Nvidia GeForce GT640 1GB GDDR5

1TB 7200RPM Hard Drive

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1080p 15k bitrate is only for the 'super duper powerful' computers.


I can give you 4 tips to make your computer more 'record-friendly':


1) Defragment your hard drive

2) Use a registry cleaning program

3) Cool your computer.

4) Close other programs


If you're still having problems, lower the bitrate to 13.5k

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Wait a minute, don't the specs for the game capture say that they reccommend a 2.2ghz processor for 1080P capture? Why can't I run it? Btw this is a very new computer


No that is the minimum lower your bit rate and still record in 1080p BTW not many YouTube users have good enough internet to run 1080p and if you have less then 100k they couldn't care less ;-)

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Ok well since CoD only outputs at 560P anyway I guess it's a better idea to record in 720P, especially since I need audacity open to record my voice. Can my computer at least run that at 15000kbps?

I suggest you record 1080p at 8k-13.5k bitrate or 720p at 5k-10k bitrate just to be safe. If you use Audacity then select a bitrate lower than 10k to avoid glitchy captures.

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I have an Acer laptop with the minimum required specs and I can capture in 1080p 15k br no problem.


If you read my topic last month you'll see that I too ran into some issues. Mr. Cobb. I suggest you keep an open mind and be willing to look into other areas and not tunnel yourself with the whole processor thing.


It could be any or a number of things that is causing your glitchy caps. I recommend reading thru ALL of the stickied topics at the top of this forum and comparing with how you are running at the time of a capture.

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