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Pre-Purchase Question On Video Capture?

Gaston Lachaille


Hi. I am thinking of purchasing Toast 11 to use on an iMac. The main feature I am interested in is video capture. The product description says that Toast 11 can be used to capture video from anywhere - the web, portable devices, discs or apps running on a Mac. I'd like to understand if this really works by soliciting feedback on this forum.


Let's say I open iTunes on my iMac and start playing a movie. Maybe the movie is a home video in Quick Time format, or maybe the movie is a DRM-protected MPEG-4 file purchased from the Apple store. In either case, if the movie is playing in a window on my iMac, can I really just select that window and capture portions of the movies, then save as a separate mp4 file with Toast 11?


Thank you

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That is an overreaching statement by Roxio. You can capture most web video and import video from a camcorder and a home DVD video. You cannot capture from iTunes or other video playing application or anything that is copy protected. It is intended to capture video from sites like YouTube and Vimeo. It won't capture from Hulu or the TV networks streams or cable company streams.



The "anywhere" is more applicable to the audio capture in Spin Doctor X which comes with Toast. But it doesn't work.

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