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Setting Output



I currently have both my computer (via HDMI) and my PS3 (Via Component) hooked up to my Roxio. I've noticed that when I have a component input, the signal goes out through both the HDMI and component cables hooked up.


However, the HDMI input goes only through the HDMI.


Is there anyway to change the output settings on the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO so that the HDMI in will go through the Component out, or are the signals just incompatible?



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Here's a wild thought.


To go from the Component cable (Analog) to USB (Digital) to your computer there has to be an Analog to Digital converter inside.HDMI also uses a Digital signal.

However to go from HDMI to USB the path is all Digital so no converter is needed.Therefore it's totally possible that there is no Digital to Analog converter in the device.

So Component wouldn't be able to read the Digital HDMI input signal and therefore not display it.


Like I said a wild thought though reasonable.

The only way to know for sure would be to take one apart,not mine thank you,and see what's inside and how it's wired.

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