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Yet Another Roxio Capture Card Has Stopped Working



ok first off capture card used to work fine. computer started shutting down by its self so i removed my video card and unplugged the capture card from my computer to avoid surge damage.uninstalled graphics card software, installed integrated mother bored graphics software. found out the reason my comp was shutting down was a wall of dust on the CPU fan. cleaned it out, hooked everything back up,removed integrated graphics software, reinstalled graphics card software and drivers, and comp dose not shut off anymore. decided to capture video, HDMI signal from my xbox gose to capture card to tv just fine. i open the recording software and it just shows a black screen preview for the xbox video. uninstalled software for graphics card and capture card, reinstalled them with graphics card first of course. didnt work. done this several times under different circumstances. doing the update, not doing the update. trying different usb ports. closing background programs. leaving antivirus on. nothing works. ive noticed 2 things while doing this. after a fresh install, capture software will tell me "capture device removed" with red letters in the status area. untill i move it to a different usb port. then it says "no signal" after restarting the program. the other thing i noticed is my webcam is not working either. says "camera is not found" much like the capture device. and when i open the device manager, it says my webcam is an audio recording device, witch it is, but no mention of it being a webcam. audio recording works fine on it btw. now ive read these forums and seen this is not only happening to me. i just thought that with the 2 things ive noticed will give some insight as to why this is happening before im forced to pay for tech support . Thanks for any and all help....


im running:

Windows 7 32 bit

AMD PHENOM Triple core 2:10GHz

4 Gigs of DDR2

750 Gigs of free HDD space

AMD Radeon HD 7700 series Graphics card

MSI KA780G Mother bored

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No their not, nothing like what you describe :huh:


You had an issue, but otherwise everything was working...


You opened your PC and cleaned it out...


Now, nothing 'video' is working...


You conclude ~
must be a software issue


Wouldn't it be more likely that something is unplugged, not fully seated or shorted???

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no, not with everything else working fine, and getting all passes at pcpitstop.com. but stranger things have happened. next steps. try it on a didifferent comp, if it works. im doing a full reinstall of windows. hoping your wrong of course the whole time lol


I hope you are not relying on pcpitstop to tell you whats wrong with your system :blink:

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ok problem solved!!! just finished complete windows 7 reinstall with updates. capture card works great! i dont know what exactly caused the problem in the first place. but since i deleted programs 1 by 1 before i formatted the HDD and it didnt help the game cap pro work at all, id put my money on registry errors. if anyone is having the same issue, make sure you try everything else first. i did not have a windows back up cd or a relevant restore point. if i did, i could have saved my self 2 days of backing up my content and installing updates.

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