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I Finally Figured Out The Way To Instant Stream! Click For Details



Ok so I couldnt get my stream up to 1080 without a long delay and even then it generally freezes...

after looking at countless forums and never even seeing anything close to a real answer...

I figured out that If I hadnt figured out how to do it through forums or roxio... well its an issue that I should think outside the box on...

I have almost all software for video editing... none of it will capture the roxio but roxio hd software...

so since I had been screen capturing with other software and devices before, it took me about five minutes once I gave up on using the streaming through the roxio software... literally I tried for months lost hours of footage... cried... did backflips... then in five minutes after giving up on streaming with this device and software... it was like I smacked myself..

here you go guys:

1)open up roxio hd

2)select capture

3)turn you settings to as high as freaking possible and make it as big as you want

4)get any software that allows streaming and screen capture for pc (I use camtasia studio 8)

5)set up your screen stream software to stream to where you like (make sure you can use it for your destination)

6)select stream desktop (or pc screen option for your software)

7)use the selection option and drag the box over the preview in roxio

6)start streaming through the new software and you will get the full quality minimal if any lag and no glitching at all... I know right.... add a pc mic to your headset with velcro or tape lol.. you can even add live audio.. I know right! You can honestly even capture still with the roxio to edit etc. later... I havent tried to capture still I just use it for my streams but I'd imagine it should be fine.. unless you get a device conflict... you would be using alot of resources so you would want a good computer...


I am not running anything special. I got the roxio so I had something portable without needing a power source and hdmi pass through...

I use my pc with el gato at home with tons of stuff connected and its a pain to dismantle and el gatos are great but expensive (almost twice the price of roxio)..

Roxio was the best most affordable device to get with hdmi pass through in the world so I use it on my laptop a 3 year old hp Amd 64x2 2.0 ghz with 4 gigs of ram and nvidia graphics. Other then it freezing through roxio software and the low quality for a stream to be not glitchy and freezing, for the buck its really a great device, I almost junked it until I figured this out... So hopefully I have helped anyone in the same situation... The Term Think Outside The Box is funny because it REALLY does apply to this...


I'm not pro tech guru but I play on tv hahahaha hope you all enjoyed this post and are laughing as I was when I realized after months of laggy glitchy crashing recording...

the answer was simply screen capture video and stream it live...

give me a thumbs up or a thank you message if this changed everything for you!


*tips his hat*


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