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4 Hours To Dvd-R ?



Hello Everyone. I need some help and advice please.


I have toast 11. Sometimes when I have tried to burn a DVD it comes you do not enough space on Disk (def dvd-r disk, plenty of space in the temp folder i have) but it is not because of the file size as it shows me at the bottom space available and there was ample room so I presumed it was the length of movie. Over 2 hours.


However yesterday I burnt a DVD that was 3 hrs 50 mins. How on earth could I do that? And it works fine. 2 films on one dvd-r.


I am using format DVD-VIDEO and quality best.


Also another thing that baffles me, when I added a film, just now, to burn that is 734mb in size why does the bar at the bottom come up as usng 4.3gb ??? How can that be?


Thank You for any pointers, help and advice.


It wil be greatly appreciated



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The file size of the original video is irrelevant unless they are in MPEG 2 format because Toast must encode it to MPEG 2 for video DVD. The degree of MPEG 2 compression Toast needs to do depends on the length of the video. Video of up to about 2 hours require modest compression while longer ones have greater compression. I thought 3-1/2 hours is the maximum to fit a single-layer DVD.


If you run into the message that there isn't enough room on the disc, choose Save as Disc Image from the File menu instead of clicking the burn button. Then burn the resulting .toast file using the Image File setting in the Toast Copy window. If the disc image is too big to fit a single-layer disc Toast will use its Fit-to-DVD feature to get it to fit.

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