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Burning Cd's To A Thumb Drive



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I want to copy all of my music from cd's and put them on a thumb drive. I do I do this?


Presuming you have Easy CD & DVD Burning [this forum] you have "Rip CDs" in your audio section. Click it, and insert your first CD.




The software will check the Internet for you and most likely identify the CD if it is a commercial disc. If it doesn't identify the disc, you will have to rename the files so they show track names at a later stage in the process. Check or uncheck the boxes to select which tracks you want to convert and save.


Now you need to set up your options, so click the Options button at lower right, under 'Rip CDs'.




Clicking 'Audio CD' on the left will allow you to do some processing on the audio you are ripping.


Click 'Rip Music', and choose the settings you want the music saved to. [Type and Quality]

You can select types from FLAC; MP3; MP3 VBR; OGG; WMA; and WAV. Some of these also allow you to chose the quality.

Be aware that the higher the audio quality, the bigger the file you'll save.


Once you have set your options, click 'OK' in the options box, and then click on the large orange button at lower right.


The program will rip the tracks one by one, and save them to the destination you have set. [in my case, My Documents\My Music\Mike Oldfield\Ommadawn]. Once it has finished, you can copy or move your files from there to your pendrive and then go get another CD to rip.


I trust your pendrive is a genuine 128GB model. I recently saw a vendor selling '128GB Data Traveller' drives for $20, and we discovered they were only 8 GBs, with the firmware altered to report 128. Everything written after the first 8 GB was lost even though it showed in the directory - a dirty trick by the vendor, but it fooled my friend until he had written 8 GB..




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