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Roxio Gamecap Of Non-Hdtv Output Is Distorted



hi, i'm using roxio to record f1 games on ps3.


i connected composite video cable to my non hdtv's inlet where i used to connect ps3's composite cable. i configured on ps3 side the new component/d-terminal cable. on roxio side i set input to 480i/576i, tv standard to pal_b (europe). after these i get no signal in green but video comes through and i'm able to record but the quality is highly distorted see http://youtu.be/wlMZCSdONlM.


is it possible to get quality output from non hdtv ?

best, harri

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I am a bit confused trying to follow your wiring description???


Please Clear up what and how these:



the PS3 to RGC?




There is a Component Out for SCART but I am not sure it works BOTH ways???





If you unplug your TV part of this, Is you capture clear?

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