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Wii U - Capture Issues



Hey everyone


I just bought the HD Pro, I'm using it to capture Wii U footage. I have got it working, and the footage in 1080 and great quaity. However, there is no audio whatsoever, which is rather disappointing.


I have a HD cable running from the Wii U going into the device, with a USB cable going from device to laptop. I have tried some other combinations such as using a second HDMI cable running from TV into device, but still no sound.


Any ideas as to why this issue is occuring?


On a seperate note, I used the previous Roxio game cap on my laptop, but this new one seems to crash it often... is this a common thing?


Cheers for any help

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Try something else...


Hook up a DVD or BD Player, ANYTHING with HDMI or Component output.


Also show us some screenshots of your PC while you attempt to capture ~ posting info HERE


And you Device Manager.


Audio can be tested using ANY audio source connected to the 2 audio input plugs of the RGC.


You have never listed your PC specs... It isn't really too likely that the RGC is the problem.

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