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Unresponsive - Split From Hijacked Thread

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I, too, am experiencing a non-responsive MYDVD whenever I attempt to:

a. edit the text of the various chapters, or merely clicking on anything at or below the Chapter Menu level in the Project View/Menus area on the left of the screen

b. try to preview my work

c. try to burn a dvd.


I hope someone out there has figured out a fix for this because if I can't get this fixed I'm going to forget the name Roxio forever. I am trying to capture family home videos off my camcorder to store them on the computer and also make a dvd of each tape.


Let me explain what I have done:


my Dell Studio xps 8100 is running 64 bit windows 7, 8GB RAM, 3.2 Ghz, 900GB memory avail on hard drive, NVIDA GeForce GT 220


I purchased and downloaded Creator NXT Pro from the Roxio site.

I installed all 3 zipped files (I chose not to install Paintshop at this time).

I restarted my computer.

I successfully captured my video as an .avi from my camcorder.

I wanted to first simply see how the process would work and how the video would view on my tv, so I wanted to make a very basic video (very few edits) to burn to dvd and view.

I opened the advanced video editor and brought in my video (60 minutes) and set chapter markers.

I sent the file to MYDVD

I selected the video and chose edit chapters and then made sure the box for Update chapter menus was checked and clicked ok. Thus creating a chapter menu.

if I choose to preview, it stops responding... (have to go to task manager to end task)

if I choose to rightclick on the individual chapter to rename it, it stops responding...(I have to to to task manager to end task)

if I choose to burn a dvd, it stops responding...(Ihave to go to task manager to end task)

each time I restart my computer (both cold and warm boot) and I get the same results...one time it caused any other applications I had open to freeze as well (firefox as I was searching this forum, and windows explorer)


I have tried to just burn the video to dvd with no video edits to no avail.


I uninstalled the software and followed the article page 000012552 - preparing your computer for installing Roxio products (made sure all was updated, turned off AV, FW and processes) and re-installed

I tried just going straight to MYDVD and not going thru the Creator menu or videowave...and still I get the same results.


To be frank, I am disgusted with spending an entire weekend trying to figure this out. Especially when I even try to do just a simple create a dvd by using the default Menu style, adding just one video and burning.


Thank you for any advice you may give...


PS, I understand that the rendering or burning could actually take a long time to process...but just renaming the chapters? I have left it in it's non-responsive state for over an hour and still nothing...how long should this take?

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my Dell Studio xps 8100 is running 64 bit windows 7, 8GB RAM, 3.2 Ghz, 900GB memory avail on hard drive, NVIDA GeForce GT 220


Follow the directions in this post, http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/81985-identifying-your-computer-specs-and-computer-drivers-windows/


Zip and post/attach the dxdiag.exe file please?

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When this happens look at task manager how many programs/processes are running? Do they need to be while working with Roxio?


In task manager, on the performance tab, click the Resource Monitor, what is using all the resources?

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I have attached print screens from Task Manager, one showing the processes and one showing the Resource Manager...I zipped the 2 files together.


Before I did this, I stopped all startup processes thru msconfig, restarted my computer, opened only MYDVD.

I added the video, made some chapters, updated chapters and then rightclicked on one of the chapters to rename it...thus sending it into its non-responsive state.


An aside: You will see the pop up box from my right-click on the chapter remains on my screen even tho I have moved on to another window.


Thank you again for helping find a solution.





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Just attach the pics, I edited your post for that.


CPU and Memory at 25%, how long are you waiting for My DVD before forcing a shutdown?


Before I did this, I stopped all startup processes thru msconfig, restarted my computer, opened only MYDVD.


78 processes still running?

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I have waited various amounts of time...an hour..., 6 hours, I even left it overnight with same result.


In msconfig I disabled the startup processes...under the startup tab. On the General tab I chose selective startup/load system services, but not startup services.


I will attempt again and also disable all services under the services tab as well as startup services. A diagnostic startup on the General tab, I believe...and send that screenshot in next post...

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I attempted to disable all services (from services tab in msconfig) as well as startup processes (from startup tab in msconfig).


However, upon restart, I was unable to launch MYDVD...received error message that this application requires a working sound system in order to run.

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Still perplexed...


Today I created a new administrator user account in Windows 7, shut down the computer and logged into the new administrator account and attempted to create a dvd with chapters again in mydvd. Same result...I really am beginning to hate that little rotating circle cursor!


I really want this software package to work. I am about to attempt a refund as I have invested so many hours so far and don't have a single dvd to show for it. errrrrr.

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Yes, Jim, you are right, a sure sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result :wacko:


However, I'm beginning to wonder if my insanity is coming from expecting my Roxio software to do what I expect it to...as I now have 5 very long days invested and a notebook full of what I have done each time written down in the hopes that this time will be the process that works. I would like to think I haven't been doing the same thing over and over...if you see differently, please be my Freud and pull me out of this downward spiral toward the funny farm!!! :P


Let me just say that I have not been using the same project...I have gone so far as to re-capturing my video, using both Roxio import and Microsoft import, bringing it in as an AVI into MYDVD; converting it to WMV before bringing it into MYDVD; starting in Videowave making it a a DMSM project and then opening that project in MYDVD; using the MYDVD default menu style/fonts/etc...each of these, I have tried with startup services on, with them off, going through creator, going directly to the individual programs (not opening the creator suite first)...and each time I start fresh with a new file/project in MYDVD...it's been exhausting and frustrating.


I CAN preview the dvd and burn it if ALL I do is bring in the video and change the title text and hit the burn button. (Which incidentally, I can get accomplished with Windows DVD Maker) it is when I add a chapter menu that I run into problems, and I want to be able to add chapters and edit the chapter labels, which is one of the reasons I looked into the Roxio package.



Ok, so all that being said...back to your suggestion to try...


I did create a trimmed version of my captured video (went to Videowave, added my file and set end point to around the 10 minute mark, saved it as a DMSM file)

Closed Videowave, opened MYDVD creating a new project and added this trimmed video to the project.

Opened the video and set 4 chapters, updated the chapters to the menu, creating the chapter menu.

clicked on the chapter menu and YES was able to edit my chapter labels

click on Burn and YES was able to create a folderset.

I even repeated this (with the same video) and this time changed the menu style and added buttons and linked it to make a play all button and YES was able to create a folderset.

(Note: I did this with my computer started in Normal startup...all processes and startup processes enabled)


After this, I again attempted to do the same process using my full 58-minute video and unfortunately, once again, the program froze up as soon as I clicked on the chapter menu or tried to preview it...


SO, we now know the process can work IF I want 10-minute DVDs . :huh: Of course, Having 1 DVD for each hour of video is much more desirable than 6 for every hour...so why does it work for 10 minutes but not for longer video?


Hopefully, this new knowledge can help find a solution?


Thank you Jim!

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Yes, Jim, you are right, a sure sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result :wacko:



SO, we now know the process can work IF I want 10-minute DVDs . :huh: Of course, Having 1 DVD for each hour of video is much more desirable than 6 for every hour...so why does it work for 10 minutes but not for longer video?


Hopefully, this new knowledge can help find a solution?


Thank you Jim!


How many chapters in your full project? How are you setting the chapter points?

What quality setting are you using when "burning"?

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I have been keeping number of chapters to a max of 6...(I did 4 chapters in the 10 minute one I made as well as the longer one I follwed up with that failed)


How I set the chapter points:

1. added video to MYDVD

2. on the left side of screen under Project View, I click on Movies tab, select my movie and choose EDIT CHAPTERS in the Edit section

3. moving the slider, I selected 4 points during the movie and clicked on set chapter point, clicked ok, closed that window

4. Under Project View, selected the Menus tab, clicked on my video file in the outline, choose EDIT CHAPTERS in the Edit section, this gives me the option to update chapters in menu, make sure it's checked and click ok

5. Chapter Menu and submenus now appear in the outline under the Menus tab in the Project VIew


When burning it defaults to Fit to disk, but since my video has been less than an hour, I have been switching it to High Quality.


Again, thank you for helping!

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OK, there are some things in your Post # 11 that are a bit troubling...


First, the video should be used as is - NO Conversions or other tinkering!!!


Editing, trims, special effects, etc. should be done in VideoWave. From there you can go 2 ways... Either the saved dmsm file of VW which can be added as a "movie" in MyDVD or an Export As to a movie file, which can also be used in MyDVD.


That is just normal workflow, nothing earth shaking about it ;)


Don't draw the wrong conclusions! MyDVD is a full featured Authoring program! I have created Blu-Rays of several hours durations with multiple chapters and page after page of menus!


However, I think it is time for a Proper Repair... This is the short version and I want you to try this before going to something more extensive.


Turn off your Anti Virus, Firewalls, Registry Cleaners, etc.


Now insert your Roxio Disc.


Be sure you accept the offer to Check for Updates (this is for Roxio, not Windows)

Select Repair when it shows up.


When the Install competes, turn your AV & Firewall back on and reboot.

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Jim, I appologize, I should have put each item that I had tried on a separate line instead of with commas/semicolons, it does look like I did all of those at once now that I re-read it. I have not been able to stop thinking about this, so I have been trying different senerios. After trying and trying using just the pure (no edits) AVI file straight from capture in MYDVD and not getting results, I tried bringing it in as a no edit WMV file (only edit was the conversion), then I also tried bringing the pure AVI file into VIdeo wave and clicking the link to MYDVD (making no edits) and I also tried saving the DMSM file to computer, closing Videowave and opening MYDVD. The only "edit" I would make is the setting of Chapters and changing the Menu Title within MYDVD. Does that make more sense? For the most part, my attempts have been with a pure AVI file with no edits, but when it gets late at night, I start trying anything, just incase I hit a flukey success.


But know whenever I do my attempts for you or others who have a suggestion, it is with no conversions or tinkering :D


I received my backup disk in the mail today (I had purchased the program online and installed from download originally.) I am assuming that your Proper Repair includes UNinstalling the downloaded version, correct?


Wish me luck, I pray my next post will be a happy one!


As always, thank you for wanting to be there to help...

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Ha ha! :lol: I did re-read your post and saw to just select Repair. (Not Reinstall) Which I did:


Turned off Antivirus and Firewall (Dont have Registry CLeaners)

Insert Disk

Said yes to updates

Selected Repair

Turned on AV and FW, restart

Opened MYDVD

Add Movie - added a 58 minute AVI (a nice pure one ;) )

selected movie under Movie Tab in Project VIew,

Selected Edit Chapters under Edit and added 4 random chapters points (for total of 5)

Selected movie under Menus Tab in Project view

Selected Edit Chapters under Edit and made sure Update chapters was checked and chose OK...Chapter Menu and 5 chapters showed up in the Menu

Click on the Chapter Menu to view it and...


My favorite spinning circle "waiting" icon




Proper Repair attempted, hopefully to the letter, ho hum, I'm ready for "going to something more extensive."


Thank you.

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This is extensive, but it what I suggest...


Download and install the
Uninstaller. Then run it in
Moderate Mode
to remove any traces of Roxio.


Create a New User Account with Administrator Privileges.


Turn OFF any A/V & Firewall.


Reboot and log on to that new account.


Copy your entire disc to a new folder on your HDD.


In that new folder, right click on Setup.exe and select Properties.


Under the Compatibility tab, make sure
is checked!


Right click Setup.exe and select Open.


Allow it to Check for Updates (this is for Roxio not Windows)


Use the Default Locations!
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Jim, this program is beating me up.


I followed everything you asked in the last post. That Revo is quite the program.


Only thing different was on my Creator disk, it didn't have a setup.exe file, it had Autorun_ccd.exe (mine was a backup cd from a download purchase, not a retail cd)




But I did make sure that all executable files had nothing checked on the Compatability Tab


Once all was back loaded, rebooted, I tried again to make a dvd with chapters and again it stopped responding.



:( I'm losing hope, I just don't get it. Tempted to try to install on our kids' computer, but not sure...(has only 4G RAM and AMD Athlon Dual COre 2.3ghz and NVida GeForce 8400gs)


Any other ideas?

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Thank you for wanting to help out!


I did as you suggested...


opened MYDVD

added video

added one chapter around the 4 minute mark.

updated chapters, chapter menu and 2 chapters were created...then had to go take dinner out of oven...so it sat and waited about 5 minutes

clicked on chapter menu and it worked!! I was able to edit the chapter names. :wub:


However, :angry:

I went to Edit Chapters to add another chapter

added one at about the 12 minute mark, clicked ok

I see that a chapter 3 has been added to the Menus under the Project View outline, but NOT on the preview screen

now, I have a pop up window like this:




and that orange bar keeps going all the way accross and then starts over again...and again and again (Incidentally, in the past I usuallly haven't seen this popup on the screen...or it would just flash)


been that way for about 15 minutes now, cant click on anything else...tho I have a pointer and not the "spinning circle of insanity" :blink: I can highlight the red X but click and nothing happens. Looks like I will have to use task manager to close it out.


SO, I now can make 10 minute movies and ones with only 2 chapters...something to be hopeful for...does this give anyone any other ideas?

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Great! I have a possible work-around posted for this problem in the Creator 2012 area under Program Errors/Crashes/Hangs.


The thread title is Mydvd Hangs When Adding A Chapter Menu - Possible Work-Around.


Someone in the Creator 2011 area used the work-around with success for a single Menu Chapter page. Unfortunately they wanted multiple Chapter Menu Pages and I haven't needed to work on that issue ...yet.


Good luck.



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Ok, I am confused.


When I started having problems when I bought this software 7 days ago, I came to this forum and I also sent in a Tech support request to Corel/Roxio Support. In addition to trying your wonderful suggestions, (which I must add have been much more timely than the Corel/Roxio Support) I have also tried theirs...(doing a reinstall and trying a new user account) a couple of days ago they asked for me to forward to them my dxdiag.txt file (see post #3 ) I just received the following response a few minutes ago:


Thank you for contacting Corel Customer Support.


Thank you for sending in the file.

This reveals that your video card one that is not good for video editing software.

You can try to update the video card driver and see if it would improve but the video card driver itself is what we call marginal. It is very likely to encounter issues.


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions.




Now, not that I don't trust the Corel/Roxio Support department, (who, I must say, tho a little slow in response time, have been very friendly) but, before I head out to go get a new video card, I would like to hear from my forum friends to see if you agree and if you do, do you have a suggestion as to what to get. I used to build my own computers back in the 90s, so opening up the computer doesn't scare me. (I just aged myself)


I would be ever grateful for your input! (Jim, I noticed you have the same computer as I do...Dell studio xps 8100, but I have the i5 and NVIDIA GeForce GT 220)

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I would not go out and buy a new video card but I would update the drivers for the one you have. What you have is not the latest and greatest but it is probably good enough. The only thing you MIGHT gain is speed. Some people actually see a slow down with the graphics card vs software rendering.


Did you try using software render (encoding) to take the card out of the equation and see if anything changes? Many people see that the project output is better with the software render.

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HI Sknis,

Thank you for wanting to help...I thought my card should be within the range of acceptable to run this software...


Instead of trusting Windows to find updated drivers thru device manager, this time I went to the NVIDA website and updated my video card drivers from there (a May 2013 update).

A reboot.

Went into MYDVD and updated the options to SOFTWARE for rendering.

A reboot for safe measure.

Started a new project in MYDVD. 53 minute movie with 5 total chapters. no other edits.

Still hangs up when I try to access the chapter menu screen...did it several times, same result. These times I get the spininng circle waiting icon, not the pop up progress window like above.

I wish I could just get an error code so we could KNOW what this software doesn't like about me.


Some questions for anyone willing:


What is roxio avc smart encode? On/Off matter? (Actually tried it both ways...just not sure what it is)


Get a new video card vs get refund on this program and try a different software package? (I have about 20 days left to do so)


Do I even attempt to try an install on our other computer, which is older than this one?


Thank you to all who are listening...

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