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Set Maximum Burn Speed


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Hi friends,

i would like to know if is possible to set the max burn speed on Easy CD and DVD Creator 6 preference or setting any config file.


many thanks


Do you want to go faster or slower?


Usually the selected speed is one that the program decides that is safe to burn based on your media (DVD/CD) and your burner capability. Are you having problems? Are you starting with good quality media? Memorex and store brands are the bottom of the barrel. Verbatim and JVC -Taiyo Youden (on-line only) are considered the best. If you are burning something to a disc, then it must be something important that you want to keep. Never scrimp on the media for a few cents.

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Hi Danjde,


To set the "Max Burn Speed" like you asked,

-in Disc Copier click the Options button at the bottom of the copier dialog box



-in Creator Classic look in the Record Setup box that's shown when you click the Burn button



-in DVD Builder look in the Burn Project box that pops up when you click the Burn button



If none of these appear on your version 6 system, you might have the problem that's discussed in this topic.http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/57328-default-recorder-button-on-creator-classic-does-not-work/


I can't find a speed limiter for Drag-to-Disc, but from memory writing too fast was never a Drag-to-Disc problem.




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many thanks, friends,

your reply are very very exhaustive ;-)


For the question of sknis (Are you having problems? Are you starting with good quality media?...) i could say that the problem appears becouse i have an obsolete hardware and a performant cd/dvd burner ad burnig audio cd this is not the best situation ;-)

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