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Hdmi Splitter But How To I Get Audio From Hdmi And Dvi Monitor?



hi guys


i have successfully got my set up working with hdmi splitter recommended and then one hdmi going into the roxio and then the other going to a HDMI to DVI cable into my monitor.


however i dont get any sound.


i realise this is probably because ive got an official xbox adapter which goes in next to the HDMI and give out RCA white and red.




so how do i go about capturing audio with my set up?



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hi jim


just tried switching the RCA cables from going to my speakers and instead plugged them into the Roxio input.


recorded but no audio again.


should the Roxio of picked it up even if it was on HDMI mode?



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okay, i have tried several things.


i switched off display discovery on the xbox but then the splitter would not send the signal to the monitor at all, but the ROXIO could see the signal and my laptop was playing the sound live. i did not have the official xbox rca adapter plugged in at the time.


then i put display discovery back on and my monitor picked up the signal and the official RCA adapter was plugged in, then my laptop could not pick up any sound when i plugged my RCAs into the inputs of the roxio, even though my speakers could detect them.


so the question is, how do people using this with DVI record sound?


theres loads of people doing it on the forum?



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