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Blue Screen Of Death


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I happened to burn a cd within the last week after at least a year. Within the last 245 hours I have received two BSOD. The first one said there was an issue with DRVNDDM.sys and today it was cbfs3.sys. Others have suggested Roxio might be culprit.


I have Dell Vostro, Windows XP and my Roxio is version 3.5. It came preinstalled.


How do I update roxio? Somewhere I read that uninstalling can cause issues.

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Wow! 3.5?! Really?! Your upgrade path at this point is probably a new PC. :P (Actually, not far from the truth since your PC probably doesn't come close to meeting the minimum requirements of a current version of the software.)


DRVNDDM.sys looks like it's related to Direct CD, which lets you drag and drop files onto a CD. CBFS3.sys doesn't look like it's a Roxio Adaptec related application. So, it's hard to see how we can say with any certainty if your ECDC 3.5 is or isn't related to your BSODs.


Have you inserted any Direct CD formatted discs into your PC in the last "245 hours"? (As per your post.)

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Creator 3.5 is an Adaptec product.


I have searched the drives, but I can't find either of those files in my Creator 3.5B or Creator 3.5C.


I don't believe they're Adaptec files, so your culprit is not Creator 3.5




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