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Lp And Tape Assistant



In 2010 I purchased Roxio AV Labs to digitize vinyls on my PC (Windows Vista). The quality of the output was excellent. In 2011 I upgraded to Roxio Creator 2011 with similar results. Recently I purchased a new PC (Windows 8) and installed Roxio Creator NXT which is compatible with Windows 8. The output tracks in LP and Tape Assistant are woeful. I have used the same settings as before and also varied them to try and improve the output but to no avail. The vocal sounds and any piano solos are good but orchestral music has a “warped” sound. It isn’t distortion as I kept the recording level down reasonable low to avoid clipping. When recording audio from the Internet using “Capture Audio from Sound Card” and then transferring to “LP and Tape Assistant” for editing, the quality is good. I have gone back and recorded the same LP in Vista with the usual excellent results. I also have uninstalled and installed NXT twice.

Has anybody else had a similar problem?

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Personally, I suspect the hardware, not the software. You say you're having a problem on the new PC. I've seen no problems such as you describe about NXT here. I haven't checked the requirements for NXT, but there's a fair chance it'll work with Vista, so you could try installing it there and see if you get the same problem.


Also, if you can post a couple audio snippets with and without the problem your describing somewhere so we can hear it, that might be useful.


And list the hardware in your new and old PCs.

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Only use "Sound Recorder" to capture Audio , "LP & Tape Recorder" is a different program, and I too have had problems in the past with "Slowwwww Audio" when using the latter.


Using the correct application names is important.



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