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Really Previewing An Audio Overlap On A Simple Mix Cd

yeswab returns


Learning Music Disc Creator NXT in a hurry (party next week). I come from Roxio EMC 7, after upgrading to a Windows 7 PC.


I need a place to input the duration of the overlap I'm creating between two songs. Cannot tell from support documentation. I see the numerical input field next to the Transition type, but all I can do is zero a gap or increase it.


I have chosen the "Overlap with previous track" selection to the left of the time adjustment, but cannot hear the overlap with the previous song. I can only hear the beginning of the present song. I tried entering a negative number, which I thought was a pretty sensible guess. No soap. Numerical entry field just discards the minus sign, and we're back to a gap.


Note, in this case, I don't even need Roxio to fade out or fade in. The first song fades beautifully on its own, and the second song starts abruptly.


I JUST want the second song to start while I can hear the first song fading away.


Any help would be appreciated.


Regards to all,


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Still - add the fade out transition to the first track and use a 15-20 number for the gap.


You could also try using "Edit Audio" aka Sound Editor to make the mix - it is almost as easy and give you more control.. Use multiple layers. See image but export the MIX rather than what is shown.


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