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Hd Tivo To Avchd - Where Did The Gigabyte Go?



I have recorded some hour long Television HD documentaries using my Tivo Premiere.


I have transferred these to my computer, done some editing to remove about 7 minutes of unwanted material and then built an AVCHD file in myDVD. In order to get the highest resolution for my AVCHD file, I've had to specify that I'm using Dual-Layer DVD Media. A bit more expensive but certainly not as bad as Blu Ray media.


I've been happily grinding these discs out on Dual-Layer media but today I noticed the iso file I produced was under 4GB. To keep things cleaned up, I have been deleting the ISO files after I burn them to a disc so I don't have the others that I've produced. I've opened up my DVD and brought the saved project for this disc back into the workspace. Under the disc size selector, towards the bottom of the page, it indicates:


Used: 5417.6 MB Free: 3122.8 MB Time Remaining: 00:27:03


Yet the resulting iso file is well under 4GB.


I had already burned this iso file to a Dual Layer disc when I noticed this. "What the heck", I thought, "let's see if I can burn this file onto a Single-Layer disc." The iso file burned to the single layer disc and plays with what appears to be the same level of detail when viewed on a 46" Sony TV.


Any thoughts on what is happening to the missing gigabyte? Please be gentle if I've missed something obvious.


Is there any way to see what the output resolution really is?


Best regards,



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Generally speaking, when talking about Video, File Size is absolutely meaningless...


Slap the disc in, open Windows Explorer and bore down to the xxxxx.mts files in the Stream Folder.


What is the Resolution & Total Bitrate.


Open your MYDVD Project and set what Quality you have it set at. (hint - "Fit to Disc" is the WRONG answer)

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